We Stock The Highest Quality Components At Competitive Prices

We pride ourselves on our service, and promise to deliver the highest quality goods at the best prices. As one of the leading suppliers of electrical and electronic components we are committed to excellence by delivering our service with speed, courtesy, and reliability!

Advantage Electric Supply is a single source for all components for Electrical Controls systems.

From enclosures, through circuit breakers, contactors, disconnects, VFD's, fuses, push buttons, lights, terminal blocks, we provide all electrical components required in electrical controls.

Every electrical job needs electrical wire and accessories. Advantage Electric Supply has everything to get your job done on-time and on-budget.

We offer wide product range of wiring accessories to prepare and route your electrical wires and organize your cables. Our selection of wiring accessories includes wire terminal lugs, labels, wire duct, din rails, cable ties and fasteners, wire strippers and crimpers.

Allied Moulded Products fiberglass enclosures provide superior performance and protective properties in a wide variety of environments.

Allied Moulded Products enclosures not only are designed and tested to meet stringent UL and CSA specifications, but they are designed to provide optimum protection in the harshest environments, from water treatment facilities and irrigation systems to oil refineries and chemical processing plants.

ERICO FLEXIBAR flexible insulated busbars is a UL and CSA certified alternative to conventional wiring. ERICO FLEXIBAR is formed with multiple layers of thin electrolytic copper, and has better amperage capacity than conventional wires.

Easily formed, ERICO FLEXIBAR holds its shape increasing the efficiency of your designs. Advantage Electric Supply can pre-form the busbar and punch termination holes per your specification and provide ready to install busbar connection.