We Stock The Highest Quality Components At Competitive Prices

We pride ourselves on our service, and promise to deliver the highest quality goods at the best prices. As one of the leading suppliers of electrical and electronic components we are committed to excellence by delivering our service with speed, courtesy, and reliability!


We are not just component supplier. At Advantage Electric Supply we provide Value Added Services by adding customization to our product and offering enhanced services to our customers. Advantage Electric Supply Value Add allows our customers to streamline their assembly process and manufacturing, and use our resources as extension of their operations.

Custom Formed Flexible Busbars

Ready to install pre-formed busbars, which are custom made based on customer’s requirements.

Pre-formed busbars are shaped to fit in confined installation space, including various bends, twists, steps, stripped ends and punched holes for the electrical connection installation.

Using pre-formed busbars saves assembly time and cost. Our customers don't need to use their time to form the busbar and there is no need to invest in bending, cutting and punching equipment.

Enclosure Modifications

Our Enclosure modification service is designed to meet a range of unique requirements per customer's specification. Our customers receive their enclosures with holes and cutouts already made and ready for component installation. This reduces customer's manufacturing cost and accelerates final assembly time.

Pre-cut Dinrail and Wire Duct

Dinrail and wire duct are cut to exact sizes defined by customer needs. This is a very cost effective service, which reduces final assembly time and eliminates scrap.

Advantage Electric Supply stocks wide variety of industry standard sizes of dinrail and wire duct, and offers quick turnaround time.

Bin Stocking Program

We are dedicated to making sure you have your parts when you need them. We deliver parts directly to your facility and monitor your stock to guarantee required inventory levels.

With our Bin Stock Program we help our customers define list of necessary commodity items and the stock levels. Our customers not only enjoy very comepetitive prices, but can always depend on us to ensure availability when they need it.